Using Real Worked Examples to Aid Software Engineering Teaching
Simone Tonhão (UEM), Thelma Colanzi (UEM), Igor Steinmacher (UTFPR)

Gamifying Flipped Classes: an experience report in Software Engineering Remote Teaching
Necio Veras (IFCE), Mayara da Silva Olivindo (IFCE), Windson Viana (UFC), Mariela Cortés (UECE), Lincoln Rocha (UFC)

An Active Learning App Development Module for Novices: a Self-Assessment Approach
Fabio Binder (PUCPR), Rodrigo Gonzatto (PUCPR), Luiz Veloso (PUCPR), Vinícius Mendonça (PUCPR), Sheila Reinehr (PUCPR), Andreia Malucelli (PUCPR )

An Online Educational Hackathon to Foster Professional Skills and Intense Collaboration on Software Engineering Students
Caio Steglich (PUCRS), Sabrina Marczak (PUCRS), Luiz Guerra (PUCRS), Cássio A. W. Trindade (PUCRS), Alessandra Dutra (PUCRS), Ana Paula Bacelo (PUCRS)

Learning Modular Programming using Realistic Scenarios: an Experience Report
Paulo Sérgio Santos (UNIRIO), Jobson Massollar (UNIRIO)

Evaluation of the application of gamification in the Software Engineering course in a pandemic context
Vitor Castro (UNIFESSPA), Adam Santos (UNIFESSPA)

A Preliminary Guide for Assertive Selection of Active Methodologies in Software Engineering Education
José Vinícius Lima (UPE), Fernanda Alencar (UFPE), Wylliams Santos (UPE)

Teaching Exploratory Tests through PBL and JiTT: an experience report in a context of distributed teams
Jarbele Coutinho (UFERSA), Wilkerson Andrade (UFCG), Patricia Machado (UFCG)