A Process for Building Domain Specific Thesauri for Query Expansion to Mine SW Documents Repositories within an Industrial Environment
Mailton Carvalho (UFPE), Flavia Barros (UFPE), Ricardo Prudêncio (UFPE)

Discussing Availability Quality Attribute in Systems-of-Systems Architectures based on a Simulation Experiment
Rodrigo Lima (UESB), Mohamad Kassab (Pennsylvania State University), Valdemar Vicente Graciano Neto (UFG)

Assessing Obsolescence of Software Engineers
Alessandro Santos (Cesar Edu - Brazil), Bruno Rocha (CESAR Edu - Brazil), César França (UFRPE)

Definition of a Knowledge Base Towards a Benchmark for Experiments with Mutation Testing
Alessandro Pizzoleto (UFSCAR), Giovanni Guarnieri (UFSCAR), Fabiano Ferrari (UFSCAR)

Towards improving experimentation in software engineering
Edson OliveiraJr (UEM), Viviane Furtado (UEM), Henrique Vignando (UEM), Carlos Luz (UEM), André F. R. Cordeiro (UEM), Igor Steinmacher (UTFPR), Avelino Zorzo (PUC-RS)

A Decision Support System for Managing Technical Debt: Towards a Systemic Perspective
Eduardo Franco (USP), Kechi Hirama (USP), Stefano Armenia (Link Campus University - Italy), Tatyana Skripnikova (Generic.de Software Technologies AG - Germany), Sebastian Betzin (Generic.de Software Technologies AG - Germany)

Code Review is just reviewing code? A qualitative study with practitioners in industry
Atacílio Cunha (UFAM), Tayana Conte (UFAM), Bruno Gadelha (UFAM)

Organizing the Design Thinking Toolbox: Supporting the Requirements Elicitation Decision Making
Maria Costa Meireles (USP), Anderson Souza (UFAM), Tayana Conte (UFAM), José Maldonado (USP)

Requirements Elicitation in the Context of Software for Low-Functioning Autistic People: An Initial Proposal of Specific Supporting Artifacts
Aurea Melo (UEA), Ana Oran (UFAM), Jonathas dos Santos (UFAM), Luis Rivero (UFMA), Raimundo Barreto (UFAM)

Handling Test Smells in Python: Results from a Mixed-Method Study
Daniel Fernandes (UFBA), Ivan Machado (UFBA), Rita Suzana Pitangueira Maciel (UFBA)

Hierarchical Cluster Labeling of Software Requirements using Contextual Word Embeddings
Adailton Araujo (USP), Ricardo Marcacini (USP)

Um framework para geração de contratos inteligentes em tempo de execução
Levy Santiago (UFBA), Jauberth Abijaude (UESC), Fabíola Greve (UFBA)

Developing an Inspection Checklist for the Adequacy Assessment of Software Systems to Quality Attributes of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law: An Initial Proposal
João Mendes (UFMA), Davi Viana (UFMA), Luis Rivero (UFMA)

Smart prediction for refactorings in the software test code
Luana Martins (UFBA), Carla Ilane Moreira Bezerra (UFBA), Heitor Costa (UFLA), Ivan Machado (UFBA)

Analyzing DevOps Teaching Strategies: An Initial Study
Samuel Ferino (UFRN), Marcelo Fernandes (UFRN), Anny K. Fernandes (UFRN), Uirá Kulesza (UFRN), Eduardo Aranha (UFRN), Christoph Treude (University of Adelaide - Australia)

Towards First-Class Architectural Connectors: The Case for Self-Adaptive Service Meshes
Nabor Mendonca (Unifor), Carlos Aderaldo (Unifor)