- : The Evolution of Search-based Software Testing
| 14:00-15:30 | Transmissão simultânea no Youtube da SBC

Myra B. Cohen

Search-based software testing (SBST) utilizes meta-heuristic search algorithms for automatically generating test cases that cover desired elements of a software application. It has evolved into a mature and important tool in the tester’s toolbox. It is being used for unit, system and configuration test generation, on a multitude of programing languages, for a variety of types of coverage, and on applications with command-line, graphical and/or mobile interfaces. In addition, SBST’s success has led to an entirely new field, that of automated program repair, or genetic improvement. In this talk I will introduce the current landscape of foundations of SBST and highlight some key points of its evolution. I will end with some thoughts on future directions for SBST.