| 10:45-12:15

: Paola Accioly

Factors that Affect Merge Conflicts: A Software Developers' Perspective

Catarina Costa (UFAC), José William Menezes (UFAC), Bruno Trindade (UFAC), Rodrigo Santos (UNIRIO)

Textual merge based on language-specific syntactic separators

Jônatas Clementino (UFPE), Paulo Borba (UFPE), Guilherme Cavalcanti (IFAL)

Estimating Issue Resolution Time on GitHub Using Textual and Temporal Features

Luiz Coelho Neto (UFV), Gláucia Braga e Silva (UFV), Giovanni Comarela (UFES)

Developing an Inspection Checklist for the Adequacy Assessment of Software Systems to Quality Attributes of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law: An Initial Proposal

João Mendes (UFMA), Davi Viana (UFMA), Luis Rivero (UFMA)

Code Review is just reviewing code? A qualitative study with practitioners in industry

Atacílio Cunha (UFAM), Tayana Conte (UFAM), Bruno Gadelha (UFAM)